Our Experience


The following describes our recent experience.  Because we are a community legal practice committed to personalized representation, we are equally determined to help in all of our cases, both big and small.  The only way to know if we can lead you in your just cause is to call us.   


Injury, Medical Malpractice, and Worker’s Compensation Disputes

  • Currently Lead Counsel representing a permanently disabled employee in a negotiation procedure resulting from a class action settlement against a major insurance company. 
  • Lead Counsel in a premises liability claim against a hospital for failing to prevent a terminally ill brain cancer's patient's fall from a stool in an x-ray room.  The client's damages were particularly severe, because she already had a fractured back.
  • Associate Counsel in a settlement of liability involving an automobile accident, in which the client suffered severe physical and emotional injury while traveling to work in the classic car that her deceased husband had given her. 
  • Associate Counsel in a three day trial resulting in a substantial jury verdict against a hospital for failing to protect a worker, who was injured after a violent HIV infected patient stabbed him with a needle as he was attempting to draw the patient’s blood.
  • Represented and obtained a pre-suit settlement for a client, who lacerated his fingertip performing handyman services for his mom.


Divorce and Family Disputes


  • PalLaw has taken the lead in several NH divorce cases in its use of forensic psychologists to rebut allegations made by parties in divorce proceedings.

  • Lead counsel at trial representing a separated parent wrongly accused of criminal stalking for attempting to visit the marital residence.  In this unique case, the separated spouse claimed that she could not attend a monthly marital counseling session, because their daughter was allegedly too ill for a babysitter to care for her.

  • Assisted network counsel in a divorce involving the valuation of a convenience store business.


Real Estate Disputes:

  • Lead counsel in Middlesex County action against prominent Cemetery who changed it bylaws without notifying the purchasers of burial plots that they could no longer transfer their burial rights to third parties. 
  • Lead Counsel in a multiple defendant suit against a fiduciary of an estate and realtor for failure to disclose a suicide in a home.  Client inquired into the history of the property, prior to relocating to New Hampshire from California.
  • Lead Counsel for a family, who has been sued for fraud resulting from their realtor's aggressive marketing of their unique farmhouse property. 
  • Lead Counsel in a five day trial involving a waterfront dispute on Lake Winnipesaukee.  Successfully enforced a neighborly agreement involving the non-rental use of clients’ property resulting in a Court decree being filed at the Registry of Deeds. 
  • Defeated a landlocked neighbor’s zoning board permit application seeking to build a bridge across  a clients’ property.

  • Lead Counsel in a trial involving a client’s rights to a road abandoned by a municipality.  Client’s neighbor, who was once client’s best man at his wedding, claimed that he owned the street through previous use.


Business Disputes:


  • Assisted network counsel in the analysis of the value of a partnership interest in a day care business.

  • As Lead Counsel at trial, obtained a court order on behalf of client awarding labor costs to install an air circulation (HVAC) system on a new home.

  • Represented Technology Company from a commission compensation claim after a salesperson abruptly departed company to work for a competitor.

  • Business collections.


Employment Disputes

  • Assisted a 911 Survivor who was terminated by his employer, a leading investment company, after he took a FMLA leave to take care of his ill father.  In this unique case, PalLaw has directed the client into ongoing administrative proceeding involving state authorities.
  • Lead counsel in a wrongful termination claim filed against a Fortune 500 Company at the New Hampshire Human Rights Commission.  Client was fired after a colleague called an employee awareness hotline to complain that client was a violent threat in the workplace.  Employer fired client, despite colleague's acknowledgment that she believed client was a legitimate threat, because he hunts animals and kills them with guns.
  • Represented Russian computer programmers from unjust employment contracts. 

  • Assisted network counsel in the development of a wrongful termination case involving an employer who terminated an employee in need of a kidney transplant.

Insurance Claims:


  • Represented a family in an insurance claim involving a house fire that the insurance company alleged was intentionally caused by a child living on the property.

  • Analyzed the rights of health care provider for a disabled client, who had an umbrella policy from an insurance company.